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Sum̓sháthut [Sun] Festival – Intentions

Sacred Fire

Hay ch’q’a siem for the intentions set out by participants of Sum̓sháthut [Sun] Festival, Dec 20.  Solstice.  

These wishes and dreams are off, in the ethers, both real and digital to bless the givers, the others, the earth.

This land is special.  We give thanks to the way it patiently nurtures us, the way the land gives way to the sky, gives way to the moon, the sun.

May the light of the returning sun bless you each one.

1 thought on “Sum̓sháthut [Sun] Festival – Intentions”

  1. Crimson Coast Admin

    The beautiful reflections, wishes, hopes and dreams for humanity and individuals that were shared during the presentation of Sum̓sháthut [Sun] Festival, were offered to the ethers at the turning of sun.

    May all your dreams come true.

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