Crimson Coast Dance

Privacy Policy 

Confidentiality and use of your information

POLICY: The Crimson Coast Dance Society is committed to respecting the personal information of the Society’s members, participants, volunteers, staff and Board of Directors.

Personal information is any information that can be used to distinguish, identify or contact a specific individual. CCDS collects personal information only from ticket-buyers, members, donors and others who have actively shown an interest in the Society. Personal information is stored in a database and in hard copy files.  Only authorized Society personnel have access to this information.

By the nature of the work CCDS undertakes, employees, contractors, board members, volunteers and artists may be privy to private and/or sensitive information about the organization, its members, and stakeholders. Employees and contractors are responsible for the security of confidential information. In addition, employees are responsible for confidential information when in soft copy (electronically stored data). The following may be used as an example but it is not limited to what may be considered to be confidential:

  • Personal information about CCDS’ members, donors, sponsors, business associates, and other community and partnership organizations including unannounced programming or partnerships.

CCDS uses personal information for mailings (electronic and postal) and phone calls to:

  • provide information about events, tickets, memberships and donations
  • thank supporters and issue tax receipts
  • invite members and supporters to special events
  • sell subscriptions, tickets and solicit donations

The Society never discloses the personal information of members, donors, staff or volunteers to any third party. Release of confidential information without authorization will be considered to be behavior in breach of CCDS policy and subject to disciplinary action.