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Body Talk Youth Program

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Body Talk HiP HoP PoW WoW 2022 featuring Snotty Nose Rez Kids

Also featured:

AJ Megaman                        Sirreal                                           SacRED                                            Hishuk’ish Tsawalk

Spring Break Workshop: March 21 to 25 Culminating performance: March 26, Malaspina Theatre, VIU, Nanaimo

What is
The Cru?

A council of teens meets weekly from October to May to produce a Spring Break dance event, wrap it up, and learn important life and employment skills in the process.

The Cru learns leadership skills through physical activity and teamwork. You explore career options in performing arts with industry professionals; lighting, sound, event planning, marketing, public speaking and performance. Earn While You Learn!

  • School & volunteer credit hours
  • An honorarium for your time
  • Job & school references
  • Development of valuable resume skills

What is the
Spring Break Workshop?

During the week of spring break, the workshop participants worked directly with multiple acclaimed artists and cultural knowledge keepers to explore and create within a limitless, welcoming space to bring out the best in each and every youth that attends.

Participants are mentored in a variety of music, dance, & cultural sharing enrichment activities. After Spring Break Cru continues on to create next year’s event, will you be joining us?

What is the
Culminating Performance?

After a week of super fun learning, sharing, writing, dancing, practicing, rocking and awesomeness, the artists and participants all perform side by side, pending COVID restrictions.

Together, the Cru and workshop participants put on a combination of group & solo pieces created during spring break, culminating in a rousing night full of spirit, heart, talent, and awesome performances!

Thank you to our Body Talk Program & Performance sponsors:

National Indigenous             Vibe Dance Studio                   Nanaimo Aboriginal Centre                                Dance West Network                         Brotherhood