Crimson Coast Dance

Make Room for the Magic of Dance


Dear Crimson Coast Dance community,

At Crimson Coast, we believe in magic.

A dancer transforms before your very eyes. A story, an image, disappears and reappears, reinvented. The source of our magic lies in creativity and change, in not knowing, and in remaining curious.

In the current of the profound and unexpected changes of this past year,  Crimson Coast has, along with each of you, endeavored to remain responsive and accessible. We have struggled around unforeseen barriers and confronted an unpredictable future through a creative response.  We are committed to harnessing the ‘invitation’ to reflect and reconsider dance presentations through the power of curiosity, creativity and a willingness to learn, grow and change.

We are proud of the ways our team has risen to the challenges of bringing our events online and onboarding artists and participants for shows, workshops and conversations. 

On March 17, 2020 the lockdown was called and our March 22 to 27 our Body Talk Youth program began online.  In April, restrictions were still in place so we onboarded artists, Olivia C. Davies and Rosemary Georgeson to deliver their Indigenous women specific workshop, Home: Our Way,  to women of the Snuneymuxw First Nation.  In July, with some ease in restrictions, our annual InFrinGinG Dance Festival thrived with 10 days of online programming in addition to small audience, small stage performances outside and around town, as well as a drive in live and drive in movie experience. 


We have stayed ‘ahead of the curve’. 


It has been demanding.  We know you know. 
And it has been worth it because art changes people. 

Dance holds a place for beauty, it stimulates dialogue, it inspires,

it makes magic at every level of our senses.  It does so without words.


No “Abracadabra!” required. 
If that’s not magic, what is?!


In this time of uncertainty and resilience, there’s one thing we know: everyone deserves – to experience the magic of dance. Sure change is destabilizing, yet it also opens the door for recovery, opportunity, healing, progress. 

Like the magic offered by a new day, we hope to offer the enchantment of Crimson Coast’s programming and residencies next year to everyone at no cost. That is, that your donations will fund the opportunity for everyone in our community to enjoy the magic of dance, not just those who donate.


Let’s make magic together.

Imagine our season being accessible to all!

Will you consider making a monthly donation

Think of it as a subscription to a service like Netflix, or Spotify, and rather than supporting a streaming giant, you are supporting the best in innovative new dance from your own community and around the world and the opportunity of your community to participate in the experience.


When we secure:

    • $1000/mo in contributions, we will make two shows, and one associated workshop in our season, free for everyone
    • $2500/mo in contributions we will make our entire Mainstage Season and all associated workshops with visiting artists free for everyone
    • $3500/mo we will make our entire Mainstage Season and all associated workshops with visiting artists free for everyone including our week-long youth program, BODY TALK, free to teens, AND its culminating show free to everyone
    • $5000/mo everything we present in our Mainstage Season, our Body Talk Youth Program, and our InFrinGinG Dance Festival, all residencies, workshops and ongoing classes are absolutely free for everyone.  Everything we present. 

Whatever amount of money you contribute, know that your contribution is invaluable.

All donations will receive a charitable tax
receipt at the end of the year.


When you donate $20/mo you will receive a charitable receipt for your total contributions through December 31 annually. By making affordable monthly donations your annual charitable deduction decreases your tax burden while increasing our ability to plan for CCD’s future.


Donations of over $5/m receive automatic enrollment as a member at CCDS.


Our 2021-2022 line up is taking shape as we
engage meaningful stories through dance:

  • Peggy Baker (Ontario) and Sarah Chase (Hornby Island): unmoored, an exquisite work based on Peggy’s true life story, that captures the utter emptiness of loss and its accompanying opening for illumination.

  • Tania Amaral (Mozambique,, now living in Nanaimo): Tania will share her exuberance through Afro Fusion Sharqi Dance®. 

  • A’nó:wara Company (Kahnawake-or-Montreal): Originally of Mohawk Nation, Barbara Diabo brings Sky Dancers, a multi-disciplinary piece that explores the impact of the Quebec bridge disaster of 1907 on its Mohawk ironworkers.


We’ll continue to release new programming as our season planning unfolds,

and we’re especially eager to shine the light on local talent.

We want everyone to be able to share in this magic, to help ease the financial and emotional struggles caused by the pandemic. So, please help us share the spotlight and make 2021 a year to celebrate with free programming we can all enjoy together. Let’s make 2021 a magical  year of #CCDanceFreel!

Aside from offering captivating, transformative and transportive, movement experiences, we are committed to:

  • Supporting the environment by presenting local artists or purchasing carbon offsets with each plane seat and production. You can even help us select a carbon zero company.
  • Support local artists – and you! –  by presenting professional development opportunities.
  • These are for everyone and support your work in many occupations and skills; performance skill building, Public speaking, composition, teamwork, etc.
  • Supporting professional development by commissioning local artists.
  • Supporting commissions by making connections locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Making connections through digital knowledge and mixed media.

Developing digital knowledge for artists, provincial presenters and audience in our upcoming symposium, Our Digital Reality.  

We know intimately the potential for dance to elevate people’s spirits, ignite creativity, and captivate audiences and participants. Our unique, high-calibre performances leave viewers riveted, inspired, transformed, and moved. Thank you for offering your support in this work. 

Watch for #CCDanceFree. Join the movement. 

Stay tuned for who, what, why, when and HOW!

Thank you for joining us in believing in magic. 

The CCDS Team