Crimson Coast Dance


Exchanging Guidance


Guiding movers through a personal journey paved with images
is very fulfilling and inspiring for me.
Bouncing back and forth each others explorations, ideas and words
opens up a dynamic path to create new poems in motion.
For the participants and for myself as well.

These one-on-one workshops run smoothly now
and each session morphs into what each participant needs
in the moment.
A genuine encounter of trust happens.
Through this safe place of sharing movements and memories
a lot of dance material is spontaneously created.
And it is fantastic!

(Renée Poisson and lolly b – video still from film in progress) 

But since I am making a film with these experiences
there are also a lot of filmed material produced.
Sorting through all of it can become overwhelming…

“Less is more” my mentors always have to remind me:
because I have a tendency to bring too much to the table.

Keeping movement explorations
to the planned sections to be filmed
with a minimalistic approach is helping.

All the extra is an add-on to our encounter:
new tools in the participant’s movement practice.

(Renée Poisson and Samantha Letourneau – video still from film in progress)


On a personal level,
moving with participants allows my body to come back to dance
Because I am focused on Renee, lolly b, Nicola or Samantha’s dancing,
I find myself doing movements a little deeper and wider
during each dance session.

Acknowledging what is there or not.

Most and foremost:
my fear of “breaking/dislocating” is slowly fading away.
I am regaining trust in my body;
integrating the new mechanical hip joint as part of me.

Embracing this otherness within
as I move with others outside.

(Mixed Media creations by Genevieve Johnson)

Highlighting Embodied Memories

As I “collage” the film together,
I sense each participant’s embodied memories

  • seeping through like shadows on the screen;
  • becoming interconnected smoke figures;
  • weaving around and through each other…

Like seeing through slowly blinking eyes
making worlds appear and disappear,
morphing bodily landscapes into fantasy lands…

Crossing ages, shapes, types, roles…

(Renée Poisson and Samantha Letourneau – video still from film in progress)

During editing,
I love playing on the screen with their presences:
having them encounter,
experiencing a “togetherness-apart”,
threading their bodies and memories side by side,
morphing into each other
then becoming themselves again, stronger.

I am nothing without movement. No movement is death. Even in stillness I am moving invisibly. What animates me is how trees grow in a crevice; how mountains stand, catch the clouds and crumble; how water falls into rivers...

Renée Poisson

(Renée Poisson and Samantha Letourneau – video still from film in progress)

Together Apart

Through a collage-like editing,
I sculpt all participants
into one blended presence
then have them reappear as multiple: 
filled with the encountered memories of each other.

I recreate each presence as plural in their own singularity.
Each of them, a plural moving entity.

(Renée Poisson – video still from film in progress)

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