Crimson Coast Dance


The Workshop

Separating the workshop from the filmed explorations
made everything flow better.
The exercises led to the guided filmed sections nicely.
The prior practice with images and “becoming-other”
really filled Nicola with intention and qualities
for the second part.

Nicola Jackson in dancing exploration (video stills)

Planning, guiding and filming “micro dances of the closeup”
made for a very intimate moving collaboration between
me, Nicola and the camera…

I realized how the camera needs to become a dancing partner in order for the magic to happen.

Nicola Jackson in micro dance exploration (video stills)

The Film

A start of a layering between the two first encounters, Samantha and Nicola,
is now taking form…
I am exploring cross pathing their similarities and their differences
on screen.
As if they were fragments seen through blinking eyes:
Appearing – Disappearing

Nicola within Samantha – threading side by side apart.. (video stills)

As I slowly edit images, sounds and words,
I create space within the film
with landscapes
with dancers melting into and growing from their surrounding…
for the upcoming dancers
for the audience
for myself
to move in or interact with this filmed experience…
On this screen? Live? On another screen?

What do I want to say with this?

We all carry memories and trauma from the past
at one point we have to let go
in order to be in the present and move forward.

As I put filmed fragments together, I feel the need for another image

  • layering,
  • fragmenting,
  • connecting

these embodied memories through out the film…

I went through watching some dance explorations I did for my blogs
and reconnected to my year of pain and relearning to walk
(with COVID’s isolation in the background).
They were in a way representing
some of my memories and trauma.

There I found my needed new fragment
as what is hidden and devouring inside oneself:
the caterpillars’ nest…

Moving our caterpillars’ nest of embodied memories… (video stills)

(imaginary conversation…)

S: movement is something I love
N: intrinsic, passionate and cathartic
S: and at the same time I can be conflicted with as the memories it can bring
N: connecting, supporting, creating, and interweaving
S: the blinking of the eyes, breathing, eating
N: the infinite facets of human life experience
S: – all movement, it surrounds all of us individually and collectively

(intertwined texts’ excerpts from Nicola and Samantha’s answers to our questionnaire)

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