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Home: Our Way Private Page

Crimson Coast Dance Society is pleased to offer to Indigenous women in our community.

Home: Our Way ~ creative writing and movement circle workshop 

  • Olivia Davies (Anishinaabe / French Canadian ancestry) and 
  • Rosemary Georgeson (Coast Salish / Sahtu-Dene ancestry)


  • Monday, April 20: 1-4pm
  • Wednesday, April 22: 1-4pm
  • Friday, April 24: 1-4pm

Location: ONLINE! Zoom Meetings – digital live conversation

Information and Registration:, 250.716.3230

Free! Donations welcome, thank you!

Home: Our Way is a women’s writing and movement circle that provides a safe space to explore ideas of refuge, transition, identity, cultural norms, blood memory and ultimately what it means to be “at home” in one’s experience. Participants will be guided through writing prompts and gentle movement explorations that encourage authentic reactions and creative responses to the question of “Home” as a state of being. We delve into our own personal legacy stories with tender loving care for our bodies, hearts, minds, and spirits. We move stories through our bodies and find shapes that give us a sense of comfort, refuge, courage, and resilience. Words that emerge from our bodies following movement exploration are put to the page as reflections jotted down into personal notebooks. We witness one another as we share space and co-create a moving poem that includes words and gestures brought forward from our explorations. Curiosity and creativity are encouraged. We create a safe space agreement together and agree that anything shared in the workshop is kept confidential. No previous experience required.

Participants: Indigenous women-identified persons, 18+, Maximum 8

Outcome: Throughout the workshop, participants will accumulate words and movements that reflect back to them their own way of finding a home in their experience. These words and movements will be gathered together as a sacred bundle. Rosemary and Olivia help to build a collective moving poem from the bundle that holds parts of each person’s words and gestures.

Lead artists: Olivia C. Davies (dance artist) & Rosemary Georgeson (storyteller) are founding members of the Vancouver-based Crow’s Nest Collective. They have devised and co-facilitated Home: Our Way workshops since 2016 at the Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival, The Firehall Arts Centre, Prince Rupert’s Lester Centre for the Arts, Simon Fraser Student Society’s Women’s Centre, and the Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services Society.