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Make Room for the Magic of Dance


2021 Fund Development Campaign


I love this idea, how can I help?

Scroll down to the very bottom where we have included information for people who wish to support.

Why are you doing this?

You can imagine that 2020 has had a huge impact on,  not only our budget, yet also the way we do things.  As a supporter, you likely noted that we have stayed ahead of the ‘curve’! We continued programming through the first health authority restrictions and into the summer to ensure that our annual Body Talk Program, A movement/poetry residency for Indigenous women and inFrinGinG Dance Festival were realized in conscientious platforms to uplift our precious community.  We learned by doing, experienced significant learning curves, and always held to our belief that inspiring live art offers encouragement, expression and understanding.  Creative movement is healthy.  Here we are, providers of this powerful form, yet with no sure revenue source for these events because of the curtailment of live shows.

And here you are.  Lovers of this form and benevolent yourselves. We realized that given the circumstances of the time, we require to turn to you and in doing so we might extend your support far beyond a fundraisers usual reach.  Maybe, if everyone who has the funds will make a contribution, we can make it possible for the entire community (and global village) to benefit from freely accessing high-calibre dance.  And so we are asking.

Over time, your loyal involvement, contributions, attendance and engagement with our initiatives have truly created our success.  Your donations not only support our offerings, they also assist in leveraging additional funding support by making a statement about your belief in what we do and interest in having access to it right here in Central Vancouver Island.government funding.  

As a charitable non-profit, we sensitively serve everyone including  vulnerable youth, and underrepresented artists such as those who identify as IBPOC, people with diverse needs, and the LGBTQ2+ communities. 

Lifting all of our spirits.

We’d like EVERYONE to experience the magic of the healing art of dance as we recover from the covid-19 pandemic.  To make that dream equally possible to all, and only with your help, we plan tooffer programming and residencies next year to EVERYONE at no cost.

Will I get a charitable tax receipt for my donation?


Do I get anything else?

If you CLICK HERE, you will see the list of what will happen for you and the community when we reach particular milestones.

I’m in, what do I need to do now?


Now, simply decide how you’d like to make your donations monthly:

ONLINE with a Credit Card: (Also through Canada Helps? Yes. sure.

By cheque,credit card or cash. 

  • If the online form does not work for you, we are happy to accept credit card information over the phone, or cash donations by arrangement, by calling 250-716-3230 
  • You can always email us and we will follow up with you 

We will, as always, be sure you receive information about our  events in advance.  Due to the nature of COVID, we ask for your patience as we navigate the on-going challenges behind the scenes to make this happen.

Once “tickets are on sale” you will book just like before ONLINE or through a Box Office and 

Reserve your Seat.  

The Price will be $0 Zero.

If you don’t arrive by the time noted, your seat may be forfeited.

There may be changes in some of the registration details depending on the project, but generally everything will be the same as usual, yet it will be free.

Don’t you think free art will be perceived as “worth-less?”

If the tickets are free, won’t that under-value the art?

We understand this question.

Nobody ever said that libraries were under-valued because they were free. No one ever complained that a TofinoCape Breton sunset wasn’t beautiful because it was cheap.

From our perspective, more dance is available to more people, more of the time.  And that is a good thing.  This campaign runs through MONTH and the benefit to our entire community is currently planned for the 2021-2022 season.  At that point we will reassess and seek community reflection on the value of this initiative.  Meanwhile, we are producing exactly the same content as ever, the same calibre artists in our usual venues.  Artists continue to work at, Crimson Coast continues sustainability, our community continues to be inspired, enlivened and enlightened.  

How long is my donation commitment? 

As long as you are able to maintain a sustainable plan.  When you contribute monthly we commit to continuing to provide high-calibre dance locally and online.  The commitment to monthly contributions enables us to plan ahead with confidence and to keep programming accessible.  We hope to reach our goal by MONTH.  If this initiative is successful and donations continue to be renewed, we may offer free events forever more!

Is it cheaper for me to donate monthly than buy ticket package?

The math:

At $20.00/month you essentially break even if you attend all of our events.  On top of that you will receive your charitable donation of 30 to 50% AND you have paved the way for anyone in our community to attend regardless of their financial circumstances.

Remember, the more you contribute, the more people you directly support to attend more events and the more people you get to share dance experiences with. 


What do you mean by your Mainstage Series and Residencies? 

Our Mainstage series, Dance On The Crimson Coast, is a series of 4 full scale dance productions held between September 1, 2021 and October 31, 2022.

Residencies is when an artist takes up residency in our town!  We support an artist to either visit and create work OR we support a local artist to spend dedicated time to the creation of work.

Do I register, even though I donated?

Yes, reserve your spot by registering for a FREE ticket as soon as they are released per event. It  confirms that you are attending and holds your seat.

What happens if I donate, and the seats sell out before I register?

What an exciting dilemma!  

We have never turned anyone away in twenty three years, yet all the more reason to stay connected through our Newsletter, Facebook page, Instagram and regular visits to our website.  All of our activities are announced on each platform at the same time!  Act fast! And we will find you a seat. 

No one really knows when this whole pandemic thing will be over, when will you do shows again?

If we have learned anythng by our actions staying ahead of the curve, it’s that until we DO know when we may be likely gathering again, Crimson Coast will plan for events to be online.  The moment an opportunity to ‘go live’ takes place, we will pivot to ‘the good old fashioned way’ AND do we EVER look forward to that!

Furthermore, if we get to that top goal, we will be sure to organize  live streams of each Mainstage show, so people who are not yet comfortable entering a public theatre will still get to participate from home – as can our donors from anywhere in the world!

Are tickets really going to be free to EVERYONE?


$5000 a month, that would add up to a lot, where does it all go?

$60,000 is 18% of our annual budget and will fully cover the costs of 2.5 shows. We produce minimally 6 shows indoors, over a dozen outdoor shows, a school year long youth program, artists residencies, inclusive dance classes and workshops.  Our budget goes a LONG way as it is, yet during these times of unpredictable revenue, knowing these resources are coming in, we will be able to produce our FULL season and you and all your friends and neighbors get to be there. 

If that’s only a portion of your budget, how will you prevent from going bankrupt?

This will be one stream of revenue and will replace ticket sales, which are currently stalled. 

Did you invent this?

No, we found this approach practiced at The Hat HERE

The idea was formed in the states.  It is a Radical approach that is becoming more common-place and helps communities define who they are by what they care about and, therefore, support.   Hey, if it works and renews, we may continue this model and offer free dance for everyone all the time!


What happens if I am making monthly donations and then we don’t reach any of the milestones, will I still have to pay for tickets, too? 

No, we will track your contribution and inform you of the value of your contribution and what it will give you.  

How can I help?

Make your donation

ONLINE with a Credit Card: 

By cheque or credit card or cash. 

  • If the online form does not work for you, we are happy to accept credit card information over the phone by calling 250-716-3230 
  • You can always email us and we will follow up with you 
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Stay tuned for who, what, why, when and HOW!

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  2. Start your own fundraising campaign for us, use this media kit to support your initiative
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