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Africa Day: Let's Talk About It

Let’s Talk About it – The Power of a Right History – Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of African Connections – Celebrating Africa Day. If you don’t have any clue of why May 25th is such an important date for Africans and also for the rest of the world, here it is an opportunity to learn. This video is a collaboration between Tania Amaral (Mozambique) and Mwila Mubanga (Zambia) on an effort to make sure that everyone can understand the History behind Africa Day. Tania is a dance instructor, professional performer and activist for Africa, from the different cultures & dances to the history. Mwila is VIU MBA student for Marketing Specialization (which he is a finalist) but also at the same time he is studying a Master of Science in International Management. Don’t miss it and hope you enjoy it.