Wednesday, January 25, 2017
3:00-4:30PM | Fine Balance Studio, 2409 E. Wellington Road

with Noam Gagnon

Noam is a performer in our January 29 show, THE MARS HOTEL
at The Port Theatre | 7:30pm
Registration $30

Have you been curious about the Franklin Method, or are you already a devotee to its method of dynamic stabilization? This full-body band conditioning workshop will enliven your body. A series of resistance band exercises, emphasizing whole body conditioning for flexible strength and dynamic posture. The Franklin Method (in German Franklin-Methode) was founded in 1994, and was originally for dancers. Extended from dance field to every kind of human movement, the principal goals are how to obtain dynamic body alignment and how to move the body with maximum efficiency.
Sunday, March 5, 2017
3:30-6:30pm | Rotary Fieldhouse - 850 Third Street
Action Theatre with Bronwyn Preece
Registration $35
Our monthly Dance Jam is back! Join us for an afternoon of Action Theatre with Bronwyn Preece. Action Theatre is a fantastic practice for Actors, Dancers, Vocalists, Public Speakers, Musicians, Enthusiasts and The Curious! Learn how to embody your actions and voice in your performances. All ages & skill levels welcome.

Bronwyn Preece is a site-specific, improvisational performer, community Applied Theatre practitioner, author, walking and visual eARThist continuously engaging with notions of embodiment and reciprocity, artistically interrogating the dichotomies between culture and 'nature,'self and 'environment’.

with Holly Bright

GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® are sister movement training systems that live under the umbrella name GYROTONIC® Movement Practice. Together or uniquely they develop dynamic core support and a mobile spine and coordinated, moving body.
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