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Tuesday, January 29th, 2019
7:30PM, The Port Theatre

Contemporary dance, direct from Norway — a project at the crossroads between two cultures. Using only a small sitting stool as his partner, award-winning dancer Sudesh Adhana embodies the struggles of a bicultural identity. Through seriousness and humour, MAN portrays the individual struggle for inner balance; unfolding as an expressive dialogue between Norwegian choreographer, Sølvi Edvardsen, and this remarkable dancer.

A tri-pro between Crimson Coast Dance Society, Dance Victoria, and The Port Theatre.


Sudesh Adhana, born and raised in Faridabad, India, has a prowess in traditional Indian dance, such as Chhau and Kathakali. His talent has gained him a myriad of awards over the years for choreography in dance and film, including a national film award for “Best Choreography” in 2014.


Sølvi Edvardsen has been one of Norway’s leading choreographers for 35 years, and has choreographed works for the Norwegian National Ballet, Oslo Dance Ensemble, and was the first choreographer to receive the Norwegian Critic Prize.


Both Sølvi and Sudesh work with a wide range of movements, from a fine-tuned inner language to great physical expression. Together they’ve created a performance that portrays the individual struggle for inner balance titled MAN – a crossroads between two cultures. By challenging each other, Sølvi and Sudesh have created an exhilarating performance that explores the complexity and diversity of multi-cultural life.

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