Please note: the Dance Jam in April will be on the second Sunday. Join us Sunday, April 2 for the Body Talk Finale Performance at the Port Theatre!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

3:30-5:30 | Rotary Fieldhouse - 850 Third Street

Fluid Body - Contact Improvisation with Mary Jo Fulmer

Registration $15 

In partners, groups and in deep individual attention to our own body and breath, we will explore ways of engaging our body's wisdom, aliveness and playfulness. We will tap into somatic possibilities for releasing, connecting, grounding, lightening up, finding spirals, and interacting with self, the environment, and others.

This work is a delightful way to remember to exist fully in the present moment, open to what is arising, responsive to impulses from within and without. With this enhanced presence and flexibility of mind and body, we build our ability to perceive and to respond creatively and organically to whatever life brings us. This work is relaxing, energizing, fun and offers tremendous resources for growth, awareness and vitality.

Mary Jo Fulmer has been teaching movement for over 4 decades. She has studied dance, Contact Improvisation, Continuum, shamanism, and various styles of releasing work from extraordinary teachers throughout North America and has taught and performed in Japan, Singapore, Africa, San Francisco and in many places in Canada. She believes that our bodies are sources of wisdom and that creative self-expression is essential to our well-being. Her teaching marries depth of somatic and psychological wisdom with a sensitive and engaging teaching style.

"Everyone in the class felt empowered and supported no matter what their movement background was...Mary Jo has that true gift found in sensitive and seasoned teachers."  ~Marlise McCormick, choreographer, Cirque de Soleil
Sunday May 7, 2017
3:30-5:30pm | Rotary Fieldhouse - 850 Third Street

Nia Dance with Lesha Skupien

Registration $15 

Nia is a barefoot dance practice that combines elements of modern dance, martial arts and healing arts. Set to soul-stirring music and appropriate for all bodies and fitness levels, Nia dance routines are engaging, uplifting, and a lot of fun! This 1.5-hour workshop led by local Nia instructor Lesha Skupien includes a half-hour introduction to the Nia techcnique (history, basic principles and standard moves and stances) followed by an hour-long Nia dance class. Hope you can join us!
Sunday, June 4, 2017
3:30-5:30pm | Rotary Fieldhouse - 850 Third Street

BOING BOING with Jane Ellison

This class must have a minimum of 16 people registered to continue. Register early and bring a friend or two!

Jane’s class is a unique synthesis of exercise and movement. The 90-minute experience is physical, spiritual, earthy, and fun. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. The work is beneficial to all levels of fitness. Jane has developed a clear narrative that guides you through a safe, grounded, and energizing connection with your body. Each class is a variation on these essential elements:

In the beginning
The class begins with a gentle and comprehensive warm-up. This phase is designed to loosen your joints, warm your muscles, and establish core support.

In the middle
A cardio workout comes next, not-so-subtly disguised as a joyful dance party (affectionately called Boing). The music is eclectic and irresistible. The dancing is as gentle or intense as you choose, with no set choreography. During these 20-25 minutes, Jane threads a loose connection within the group by modeling movement ideas. But you’re free to dance as you wish. If you’re unsure about dancing, not to worry: you’ll be seduced into the fun. Over time, you will tend to gain ease and confidence, plus a growing vocabulary of dance moves.

In the end
With the vibrant dance energy still circulating in your body, Jane guides the class through breath and body-mind awareness. This cool-down phase is a grounding and centring experience. The class concludes with strengthening and stretching exercises that are profoundly satisfying.

Each month from October to June, we host an open space for local or guest artists to share their current practice OR for health care professionals to walk us through practices that support our thriving OR to simply let the tunes roll and honour our booty shaking desires.

Sometimes followed by a talk, sometimes followed by expression through other artistic disciplines. It’s our opportunity to flow, to not know, simply to be, share and explore.

First Sunday of the month, 3:30 to 5:30 (sometimes later!)
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